Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream!!

Guten Tag everyone!

I finally got Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream after hearing such good reviews. It cost me about €8 for a small ass tin of 17g. All joking aside, I love it. The compact tin is handy for on the go. It's like a balm more than cream, and there's this lovely lemon smell to it, like proper lemons!!!!!!!!!
It does a good job of moisturizing your oh-so-dry cuticles and it doesn't leave a greasy feel. On the bottom of the tin it shows the ingredients. Unlike LUSH this doesn't contain parabens. There's no animal testing so you don't feel guilty and its 100% au naturale!! Shall we compare with LUSH? I think we shall...
  • Smell: Natural freshly cut lemons for BB (Burt's Bees) and artificial lemon candies for LUSH. 
  • Size and Price: LUSH-50g for €9. BB-17g for €8.
  • Longevity or How Long it Lasts: I don't know about BB but LUSH lasted half a year for me, it woulda last longer if I didn't smear (pronounced sch-mear for comic relief) it all over my nephew's face when he came over.. BB is in balm form and is compressed so it SHOULD last me a long time..
  • Ingredients: LUSH contains parabens which isn't good in its own way but BB doesn't.
  • Texture: Like it says, LUSH Cuticle Butter really IS a butter... BB is, like I've said, a balmy(word?) texture not so much a cream. I personally prefer LUSH's texture but only its texture since I've gotten Burt's Bees...
That's about it, hope I've helped in your decision making process of which one to buy!!!

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