2nd Franken! Hausaufgaben!

Hey!! Ever since I made my first franken: Kyouya (tee-hee) I've been experimenting with GOSH Holographic and other colours to make a cooler holo. That didn't go so well because the colour is always greyed out or just not as intense. It's probably because I have mostly cremes. Kyouya turned out well in my opinion, because GOSH Blue Monday is a jelly-like polish I think. 
Anywho, I created a pinky mauve holo this time. I used 2/3 Essence So Glamourous and 1/3 Essence Ultimate Pink to make a vivid rose colour. Then I mixed it with the remaining GOSH Holographic which was about 1/3 of the bottle left. So in other words I used 2/5 GOSH Holo, 2/5 So Glamorous and 1/5 Ultimate Pink approx. 
2 coats
I named it Hausaufgaben, the German word for homework... Just because...

2 closer ups...
And just to prove its holo effect, a flash pic. But it's still not as linear as its parent: Holographic...  Right now I'm wondering if you add clear polish to a holographic colour will you be able to make a holo topcoat...

Until we blog again,


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