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Make Up Store- Madeleine (HOLO SPAMAGE!!)

That's Make Up Store's Madeleine. It's a nude, tan holographic. I absolutely love it!! Don't you? 
You can get it in Arnotts in Dublin for €14.50 for 8ml I think (€1.80 per ml) Yes, it's kinda expensive but I can't find GOSH's Holographic ANYWHERE! They also sell blue, pink, silver holo polishes. I hope they make a green one!
More pics. and how the polish performed below. :)

How To? Bubbly Circle Nail Art!!

Hey y'all!! Lately I've been watching vid on YouTube and I saw this. I fell in love with it instantly and was inspired to make my own lil' version. The uploader (LOVE4NAILS) has such pretty nails. And you know I hit that Subscribe button as if it was the last thing I did before I died! Onwards!!!
What you need: Base coat Base colour (Make Up Store's Madeleine)Two or more alternating colour polishes (Essence's Lime Up and O.P.I Alpine Snow)Dotting tool/ Ballpoint pen Top coatSteps:
1. Put on the base coat. Then put on the base colour once that is dry. Sorry in advance for hideous cuticles 

2. Using a dotting tool or a ballpoint pen, which should work just fine, draw circles in random areas on the nail in the different colour polishes. 

3. Fill in the centres of the circles with it's opposite colour, or whatever floats your boat.

4. Dot some polish randomly. Put a top coat on when you think it's dry enough not to mix together.

Easy no? Check out LOVE4NAILS' chan…

GOSH- Blue Monday

Hey, you guys! Old re-swatch today! Very short. Busy lately. Can't make proper sentences anymore. ^^
Hehe! You can see the generous blob of polish I gave to the ringie finger.....
Thanks for stopping by!!

Until we blog again,

Diagonal Shatter/ Crackle Effect- Majorly Cool!!

G'Day to you all. I was doing some pic. browsing and I saw some people applying crackle polishes diagonally. I thought ''Those people are CLEVER!!!'' I never thought of it at all so I made a first attempt.
My base colour was Rimmel's Starlet. I abba-solutely love this mauvey pink foil polish. Magical and so purdy!!!
Read on 'cos you know you want to....

NOTD! Nail Art- Holo LOVE!!

Hey! Y'all doing okay? I was wearing Kyoya (frank'ned polish) and I was thinking of ways to make this manicure 'pop' (for lack of better word...)  
And then it hit me. A bunny stuffed toy that my nephew thought it would be funny to hit me on the head with. Yet it also hit me in a non-literal way. Hearts! Red love hearts make everything cuter don't you think?

Essence: Make Me Holo! Swatch-adoodle!

Wassup!!! I'm very giddy today!!
The other day I got Make Me Holo by Essence from their Black And White Limited Edition. Don't be fooled by the name, it's anything but a holo topcoat. Turned you off didn't I?

O.P.I Black Cherrry Chutney Comparison --- Crap!

Time for another comparison swatch!! It's O.P.I's Black Cherry Chutney against Essence Hypnotic Poison.... 
Yeah....I don't even know why I thought these were remotely the same when I bought Black Cherry Chutney that night... I must not have good eyes for colour... at any rate I will still show you their subtle shimmer...
I just love being able to take close up pics like that...
I know this was a bit of a waste of your time but thanks for stopping by and reading!!

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Walkman Comparison...

Hey! I was just listening to music and I had my franken: Hausaufgaben on and I was holding my Walkman. I realised they were almost the same shade of pinky mauve. 
Subconciously I must have made the colour similiar when I was frankening because I'm almost never without my Walkman... The mind works in funny ways doesn't it?
Pretty close no? Yes those are chips on my nails, I've been lazy lately. No topcoat.

Until we blog again,

Flakie Love: GOSH Rainbow!!

Guten Tag!! Other day I was on my bus back home from school and these two German speaking guys sat in front of me. I study German at school but all I got from their conversation (eavesdropping) was 'kaufen', 'achtzig' and 'import duty'. My teacher would be sooo disappointed.
Today is me showing you a lovely topcoat by GOSH containing duochrome flakies....

Happy Paddy's Day!! Flag Nail Art...

Happy Paddy's Day!!! Here in Ireland Patrick's our patron saint. I felt really patriotic today so I did this piece of nail art.... It's the IRISH flag.... Okay, it didn't go quite to plan, but this was my first time. I'll do it better next year, DEFINITELY!! I used Essence Check Me Out, Catrice I Scream Peach! and O.P.I's Alpine Snow... ENJOY YOURSELVES!!

Until we blog again,

Red Polish Comparison!

G'Day! Hope y'all good. Today will be a comparison between the reds that I own.... which isn't much, only 2. Since this is rather short I'll get to it...
Okay, just to make it clear there's like shrinkage from my now defective Sally Hansen top coat, so I have to buy a new one. I was going to take the picture yesterday but it was rainy so to save myself and my skin the trouble of removing it and doing the same today I slapped on a top coat and then THIS happened......
Onto other things the first and third nails are O.P.I Big Apple Red, it's the more lighter tomato-y shade of red. Better formula on this one and needs 2 coats to be opaque.
The second nail and pinky are Essence So Glamorous, the deep red. It's formula is thicker and therefore needs one coat for opacity, but to make it a fair test I put on 2 coats of colour on each nail...
Overall, there's nothing alike between them, but I prefer O.P.I.'s for nail art because that sorta shade don't suit…

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream!!

Guten Tag everyone!

Coolest Polish: GOSH's Holographic Re-Swatch!! *MINI-PIC SPAM*

Hello!! Cad atá ar suas? Hope you're having a good day!
This'll be a re-swatch of GOSH's Holographic. This is my first of many holographic polishes I wish to own day one. Linear or scattered. It's holo goodness I can't explain it. Classic silver holo. Just beautiful! It dries fast as lightning, bone dry in ten, I think. And that's the indentable kind of dry. They say you shouldn't use a regular base coat or a topcoat on it and that there are 'special top and base coats' to be used. They say you can use Nfu-Oh's Aqua Base or GOSH Fixed Base(which I have) to make the holo effect more prominant than with another base. I've even heard somewhere you can use a matte topcoat as a base for holos. Not too sure about the last one. But I would agree that GOSH base coat does a good job with this. And regarding topcoats, you can use Seche, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Topcoat, I've heard through the grapevine. I expect GOSH's topcoat should work just a…

A Little Prayer...

Hey everyone... I'm posting at 12am for the sake of doing it I think... Before anything else though...
I'm sure everyone has heard of what has happened in Japan. It's just awful and horrible. I'm completely devastated, nothing like this should ever happen, it's not fair how some people can lose family members like that. My mother told me my cousin is over there and I really hope he's okay. My heart goes out to the people who have lost loved ones... I ask of you to pray because I believe praying can help in times of crisis. This can really make you think of how much those around you mean to you. Appreciate them and always look at everything as a whole and don't be so self involved. I remember the other day when I was complaining about my break out of spots (disgusting I know...) and now when I think back I'm like 'You IDIOT!!'
I will post again later maybe. But for now, it's not time, it's awful when you're listening to it but even wors…

Swatch-adoodle! Nfu-Oh GS14

Yo, sup?! I've been ahead of schoolwork lately so I swatch every weekend or in the morning if I'm ever early up (yeah, right!) I've also been browsing around Dublin for Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream. I know the names of the shop, but am having a hard time locating them and have to use a map. I'm not so big on using LUSH once I finish the pot because it contains parabens. I wish they made like a Strawberry Flutter or a Minty Flutter, that would be cool!!
Oh, I'm ranting. Today you will be viewing swatches of Nfu-Oh GS (Glitter Series) 14, it's a black jelly with holo glitter suspended in it. As I said before the holo effect don't transfer well from the bottle to the nails. Bummer!! And this kinda polish is the gritty kind and will need a topcoat to even it out, a thick one as well probably!
I love how black looks on my nails!! Pastels don't suit me whatsoever, doesn't stop me though!!
Told you it was gritty didn't I, you can even see it in the pictu…

2nd Franken! Hausaufgaben!

Hey!! Ever since I made my first franken: Kyouya (tee-hee) I've been experimenting with GOSH Holographic and other colours to make a cooler holo. That didn't go so well because the colour is always greyed out or just not as intense. It's probably because I have mostly cremes. Kyouya turned out well in my opinion, because GOSH Blue Monday is a jelly-like polish I think. 
Anywho, I created a pinky mauve holo this time. I used 2/3 Essence So Glamourous and 1/3 Essence Ultimate Pink to make a vivid rose colour. Then I mixed it with the remaining GOSH Holographic which was about 1/3 of the bottle left. So in other words I used 2/5 GOSH Holo, 2/5 So Glamorous and 1/5 Ultimate Pink approx. 
I named it Hausaufgaben, the German word for homework... Just because...

O.P.I. Black Cherry Chutney

Afternoon everybody!! Today is a swatch of O.P.I's Black Cherry Chutney from the India Collection 2008. It's a lovely deep, vampy, berry wine colour (lots and lots of adjectives no?) It has subtle purpley shimmer to give it that lil' extra kick. I got it 2 months or so ago. It was after I went with a friend to our school's Irish debate in support and we lost. So it was one of my first buy-without-thinking-in-the-moment polishes and have been meaning to swatch for a while!! When I got home I realised it's a bit like Essence's Hypnotic Poison. All the more reason to do a comparison post soon, right?
It required 3 coats which was suprising since the first coat was quite pigmented. 2nd coat left some patches that appeared more sheer. Read more and see more pics.

My First Franken!! Blue Holo: Kyouya!!

Hey, everyone!! Great news, I've made my first franken!! That's when you mix two or more polishes or pigments to create this cool new original colour!! The one I made is a holo polish. A blue one as well. It uses nearly equal amounts of GOSH's Holographic and Blue Monday. The holo effect isn't as linear as Holographic but it's there. I named it Kyouya after Kyoya Ootori in Ouran High School Host Club!! A cool blue for the cool type. I was tired waiting for Tronica to arrive, it might be a month 'til it's there, so I started experimenting. First there was a green holo, then a pink one and then I came up with this beauty!!
There it is, all 3 coats of it! The bad thing now is that I have to get another bottle of Holographic now, but they're well stocked I bet everywhere.
Join the Mad Hatter tea party, no?...

First Ever China Glaze!! Ahoy!!

Hola mi amigos! I should take up learning Spanish, it's such a flowy(word?) language. 
The other day I bought for myself a China Glaze polish. It's Ahoy! from the Anchors Away Collection this year.
As in title, this is my first one. I guess there was never an availibility for me here in Dubs to get it, but that was until I found a Sally Beauty Salon Service near George Street, Dublin 2. Uh, China Glaze is cheaper here for €7 than my fave O.P.I and the Salon Service is relatively up to date. They just released O.P.I's Texas Collection last Monday and I think they're gonna have the Pirates of The Carribean Collection there soon as well because I was asking about upcoming collections. To be honest, I was just prowling around for China Glaze Crackle or Tronica polishes. 
This is a bit rant-y so if that's what you like and you wanna see pics read on!

Valentine's Gift!!

Wie geht's?!! Sup! On Monday after midterm my friend Elise gave me a present that was intended to be as a Valentine's Day gift. No one else would have us.... :) A while before I had gotten her Black Shatter and she felt a bit guilty 'cos I spent like €12 on her. I kept saying it was fine and how she shouldn't make a big deal of it. She got me so much and I'm so thankful! She even handmade a card and bookmark! An O.P.I bookmark!!
Isn't that clever and so original? This shows she only knows me so well and my polish addiction.
There's the card, I don't know if the bunny-person is suppose to be me or her.... 
Wanna read on and see my manicure..???