Uzumaki Manga! And a Little Bit Sick

Happy 11th of February!! I'm sick..very sick. Influenza's a bitch!!
Last Friday, I was with my good friend Elisa who is also my Valentine. Why? Because if she breaks my heart I know where she lives. Anyways we were out and I got her a bottle of Black Shatter out of the goodness of my soul. Bless Elisa, she felt a bit bad that I got her it. For some inexplainable reason....
We ended going to Forbidden Planet a comic/manga shop. I made Elis ask the cute guy at the counter to order Uzumaki for me a coupla weeks ago. All 3 volumes. God bless her heart, she was very willing. I love her :D It was in and I finally got it!! 

Yes, there they are in all their mint condtion glory..!!! Elisa stayed with me at the bus stop 'til the damn 3 came. We played a game I like to call 'Salt' and I revved her up for a basketball match that was on this Monday. And that's our typical Friday.

..Later that night I got sick. I heard through another friend that Elisa got sick and I really hope I didn't like... infect her or something. Been outta school for a week and it's been hell... I gots to go.. have a nice night/day

Until we blog again,


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