O.P.I's Black Shatter Swatches Pt 1: Textures and Finishes

Hey!! Wassup? This is a post on how O.P.I's Black Shatter looks over different textures and finishes. Before, I just wanna say that there is a certain science when it comes to applying Black Shatter. Too thin, too thick. Giraffe, turtle print etc. Good thing about it is that it will always turn out unique!
no flash...needs flash.
flash...in't that better?
C'mon join the party... read on...
Alright this is how it's gonna go down (hostage situation) I'll talk about them individually left to right. Let the show begin!!

The very first one is Nfu-Oh GS14 a charcoal-y colour with holo glitter. The gritty kind. This is an example of a subtle combination. It's nice with the clash of the finishes and what not.

The second one to the left is O.P.I's Here Today Aragon Tomorrow SUEDE, a matte green. A slightly less subtle combo. Since they are both matte, they're like cousins. To be honest I was a bit freaked out when the shatter came out somewhat rectangular!

The third one is Essence Choose Me! It's such a purdy turquoise with gold glitter. I'm honestly not feeling it. I realised I didn't like after putting Shatter on. The glitter is too....glitter for me...

I'll be grouping 4 and 5 together. They're both Rimmel colours. 4 is Grape Sorbet. A frosty mauve. 5 is Starlet, another mauve which I wuv!!! These colours work very well with Shatter.. What's wrong with me? I never liked pink this much!!

Last but not least is GOSH Holographic, yeesh, I don't know how the Shatter ended up like that really! But it does look very nice in real life!

That's it, I wasn't too big on these. I thought they would be cool when I started but.... nada, zilch nothing!! There's another post with cremes instead coming up... so here's to hoping.
Plus right now I'm looking at pictures of Gaspard Ulliel (Hannibel Rising) on Google Images. He's so cute!!

Until we blog again,


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