O.P.I's Black Shatter. So Damn Cool!!

Dudes and Dudettes! This is some revolutionary polish! Crackle or Shatter (to be different) polish which when applied, dries quick and shrinks to leave this matte sort of giraffe print. Oh, and hi there!
Barry M and IsaDora do a crackle topcoat as well. Barry M's brush is way too small for me to apply speedily. IsaDora does it in a variety of colours and this is the one I wanted to opt for first, but I've yet to find a single crackle polish by the brand in Dublin.
Uh, Black Shatter is... black (duh!) and it dries to a matte finish, very quickly! And I'm talking about Speedy Gonzalez kinda 'quickly'! 
I had Nfu Oh's 51 on already 'cos I was feeling low and it's so pretty, I've yet to start a post on it, euch, school!! So I got it at Clearys in Dublin for €13 near the Spire. I was surprised they actually had the entire Katy Perry Collection! So more about the swatch. This is a quick swatch because I had to, cmon. It's soooo cool I couldn't not swatch. But a swatch of Black Shatter over different colours and textures will come in the near future.

1 coat of Black Shatter over Nfu Oh 51
I left 2 nails without Shatter so you'd see the difference. In reality, it's like light is trying to emerge from the darkness. Gorgeous and so painstakingly beautiful!! You can see the ringie finger and how the shatter effect is there. Turned out pretty well!

A closer up picture. Flash really makes Nfu Oh 51 look uber jelly, 'cos that's 3 coats. 

So, this is nail art in a bottle and it's awesome. I doubt anyone would mess it up! The only thing I noticed is that if you're not that quick then the polish sorta dries on the brush, so try to always keep it...with polish and I shake like crazy before I open this bottle (exception....)
I gotta go now, I'm dead tired and got an oral test in Irish tomorrow! But before I go, this is my art homework!! 

Until we blog again,


  1. woah!! i really want to try this. I wonder if it works over other brand polishes.

    great post,

  2. aww, thanks it's majorly cool!! watching it crackle is pretty fun as well! hehe! ^^


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