NOTD: Nfu-Oh 51 and Swatch of Nfu-Oh GS 14

Evening, I got home fairly early today, but still tired. And I hurt my left wrist. And another slap in the face is I can't sign into MSN. Something about error code 80072efd and a firewall, it sucks!! I'll just wait it out. Overall today isn't a good day.
I went into Clearys near the Spire today and saw they did sell IsaDora Graffiti (Crackle) Nail polish there. This must mean when I saw the little O.P.I shelf thingy by the counter, all other things became obsolete! But in all fairness it's only the yellow and green one. I will check other places.
I have the Nfu-Oh 51 swatches today. Along with Nfu -Oh GS 14.
Mind you there's a crappy swatch on nail wheels... you were warned!!!

These are the bottles, you can see they have a corset dress type, shaped bottle. So cute! ^^ You also see that GS 14 (Glitter Series, O.P.I have a Designer Series, Nfu-Oh has GS) is holographic. Wrong!! 

So here are the crap swatches. Top nail is 2 coats of GS 14 and matte topcoat. Middle nail is just 2 coats GS 14. Last nail is 3 coats of Nfu-Oh 51 with a matte top coat.

Nfu-Oh GS 14 first. Like I said before this is a black glitter. And one of those hard to remove, gritty glitter polishes. And the holo doesn't transfer well from the bottle to the nail, but I'm on my way to figuring it out. It takes two coats for full opacity. The matte version is nothing to behold :(
3 coats
Nfu-Oh 51 is the real winner here. A purple jelly with loads of forever colour changing flakies. When I got it, I thought 'Meh...' But now I realise it's so pretty. I can't explain, how pretty it is. Very sheer as you can imagine!! The matte version surprises me with it's unfantastic-ness.... :(

In both the brush is of average size, formula is very good in my opinion, and is Big 3 Free! Yay!! I got these from an online seller for €20, so I was very lucky because I know of no place in the Dublin area that sells Nfu-Oh! These might well be my last until I get me a debit card!!
So that's it for now, still dead tired, waiting for the weekend..

Until we blog again,


  1. I do like Nfu Oh, but I'm picky on what I'll buy from them - flakies and holos rule when it comes to Nfu Oh! :)


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