Midterm Break!! And a Little Randomness to Brighten Up Your Day!!

Hey Y'all! Midterm is here and I'm so scuffed that we have like 10 test when we come back!! Currently I'm acting like a total anime fangirl, been watching Ouran High School Host Club. English Subs not Dub. This is the only anime I prefer in Japanese. I abba-solutely love Tamaki-kun. He's so flamboyantly cute. And his seiyu (voice actor) Mamoru Miyano is gorgeous!! All day long, I've been watching this, incredibly funny. In case you don't know who Miyano is, it's the guy that intrudes and starts going ''Rha-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta....''
The Randomness today is down below....
2 coats
Yes, that is my laptop. Yeah, that is SpongeBob SquarePants. This is a lovely magenta, purpley frost polish. Not really that pinky because flash messes everything. I just thought ''Hmmm... What can I do at 4 in the morning?'' And I just decided to swatch this... The brand is unknown, my friend Elise gave this to me... She said it didn't suit her...
This is the bottle as you can see. It's very small. It bugs me a lot when I don't know the ingredients 'cos there could be toluene or D.B.P. The formula is very good, so is the brush. Drying time is average. Something odd was that when it was dry it smelled like fruits. That's about it. The only thing that might be used to identify this is that the number 60 is on the base of the bottle. Mysterious, no?

Until we blog again,


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