Kingdom Hearts Apron!!

Hiya!! Having a good day?? 
Today, I was playing Kingdom Hearts, the first one. And it got me thinking of an apron we made in 1st year of high school. It was in Home Ec. class and it was the assignment of the second term. It had a band which you tied around your waist, so it wouldn't have done any good if you spilt stuff on the school jumper.
Each of them were either pink, red, green. There might have been blue aprons but it seems unlikely. They all had a pocket which was made unique by the owner's stitching/embroidering of a lil' item or initials. At first I wanted to do a Keyblade, but it was hella hard to stitch the hilt bit of the key. So I opted for the gold crown which was on the chain that Sora wears and the keychain on his Keyblade in it's true form...
Yeesh, I sound like a nerd....
I used the chain stitch(?) to do it because that was the only I could do well. 

I did really well, in my opinion. It's not spot on, but close. I kept it fairly straight!!
So, that was something I wanted to show you, for the sake of randomness!

Until we blog again,


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