Chinese New Year 2k11!! Year of the Rabbit!

G'day everyone!! Today is Feb 3rd, therefore it's Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Rabbit, but I'm a Rat... A random fact the years of the Rat will always be on a leap year.
Anywho, it sorta works like the '12 Days of Christmas ' song only we have 15 days. And everyone turns a year older on the 7th day. Something odd my mum asked me to do, was to take down the garbage before the clock turned 5 in Ireland, 'cos we celebrate on Viet. time(GMT+7 ). It was awful, I got locked out downstairs and it took forever until a neighbour came and helped me out!
This is my kinda holiday, it's very superstitious but it brings a family together. Great craic and all! I get very prideful during this time. Otherwise, I have nothing else to say, no pictures... 
So, Happy Chinese New Year to anyone that does celebrate it!!

Until we blog again,


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