American Apparel's Butter... YUM!!

This is American Apparel's Butter which applies not so much like butter. It's a pastel yellow. It cost me €9 in shop and I dunno if it's me but that's a bit much for a store brand. Ah, who cares it's so pretty and girly-ish. 
3 coats
I am also testing out the nail stickers from Claire's my friend gave me. it's not holding up so much, you can see the petal which is decapitated. I didn't put a topcoat over the stickers, so that might be it, but I'm skeptical.
It applies streaky as I thought it would, the brush is average size, fans out well, but I wouldn't mind if it was a bit wider. And the bottle is not ergonomically designed to roll the bottle between your hands. You can shake it but that might cause bubbles. Good news contains no formaldehyde, toulene or DBP.  Last pic and then I'll bid thee adieu!

See ya later alligator!!

Until we blog again,


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