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O.P.I's Black Shatter Swatches Pt 2: Different Colours

Hello!!! Hope everybody is alive and kickin'! Midterm is nearly over and the only productive thing I've done is attempt to learn one of the Japanese alphabets: Hiragana. I just upped one day and thought I wanna learn Japanese. Better now than when I'm older and the auld noggin' aint working anymore.
This post is on O.P.I's Black Shatter over a few colours. I've been putting this off for a while. 
C'mon join the party....

Midterm Break!! And a Little Randomness to Brighten Up Your Day!!

Hey Y'all! Midterm is here and I'm so scuffed that we have like 10 test when we come back!! Currently I'm acting like a total anime fangirl, been watching Ouran High School Host Club. English Subs not Dub. This is the only anime I prefer in Japanese. I abba-solutely love Tamaki-kun. He's so flamboyantly cute. And his seiyu (voice actor) Mamoru Miyano is gorgeous!! All day long, I've been watching this, incredibly funny. In case you don't know who Miyano is, it's the guy that intrudes and starts going ''Rha-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta....''
The Randomness today is down below....
Yes, that is my laptop. Yeah, that is SpongeBob SquarePants. This is a lovely magenta, purpley frost polish. Not really that pinky because flash messes everything. I just thought ''Hmmm... What can I do at 4 in the morning?'' And I just decided to swatch this... The brand is unknown, my friend Elise gave this to me... She said it didn't suit her...
This is the bot…

O.P.I Matte Nail Envy. IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!

Morning, sorta... 
I'm finally getting around to reviewing O.P.I Matte Nail Envy! Yay! I've been using it for like a month/month and a half and I'm seeing results big time. It started like this, first day (ever) I put on two coats and about 5 mins later my thumb nail like split off at the corner and I was like 'Why!!! WHY!!!'
After 2 weeks my nails started splitting again, yet I noticed they were significantly smaller splits in comparison to when it's really bad and I have to use nail clippers. I was still pissed, don't get me wrong. I didn't expect that to happen. Recently I was sick and bed-ridden for a week or so. I hadn't removed my nail polish for 7 days (it held up pretty well actually). The base was Nail Envy Matte, 2 coats. When I was better I removed all traces of nail polish. What do I find? Longer nails, it was like demon type growth and since then, I've filed them down so it wouldn't be a bother. They were also more stronger! There…

O.P.I's Black Shatter Swatches Pt 1: Textures and Finishes

Hey!! Wassup? This is a post on how O.P.I's Black Shatter looks over different textures and finishes. Before, I just wanna say that there is a certain science when it comes to applying Black Shatter. Too thin, too thick. Giraffe, turtle print etc. Good thing about it is that it will always turn out unique!
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Uzumaki Manga! And a Little Bit Sick

Happy 11th of February!! I'm sick..very sick. Influenza's a bitch!!
Last Friday, I was with my good friend Elisa who is also my Valentine. Why? Because if she breaks my heart I know where she lives. Anyways we were out and I got her a bottle of Black Shatter out of the goodness of my soul. Bless Elisa, she felt a bit bad that I got her it. For some inexplainable reason....
We ended going to Forbidden Planet a comic/manga shop. I made Elis ask the cute guy at the counter to order Uzumaki for me a coupla weeks ago. All 3 volumes. God bless her heart, she was very willing. I love her :D It was in and I finally got it!! 

Yes, there they are in all their mint condtion glory..!!! Elisa stayed with me at the bus stop 'til the damn 3 came. We played a game I like to call 'Salt' and I revved her up for a basketball match that was on this Monday. And that's our typical Friday.

..Later that night I got sick. I heard through another friend that Elisa got sick and I really hope…

American Apparel's Butter... YUM!!

This is American Apparel's Butter which applies not so much like butter. It's a pastel yellow. It cost me €9 in shop and I dunno if it's me but that's a bit much for a store brand. Ah, who cares it's so pretty and girly-ish. 
I am also testing out the nail stickers from Claire's my friend gave me. it's not holding up so much, you can see the petal which is decapitated. I didn't put a topcoat over the stickers, so that might be it, but I'm skeptical.
It applies streaky as I thought it would, the brush is average size, fans out well, but I wouldn't mind if it was a bit wider. And the bottle is not ergonomically designed to roll the bottle between your hands. You can shake it but that might cause bubbles. Good news contains no formaldehyde, toulene or DBP.  Last pic and then I'll bid thee adieu!

See ya later alligator!!

Until we blog again,

Kingdom Hearts Apron!!

Hiya!! Having a good day?? 
Today, I was playing Kingdom Hearts, the first one. And it got me thinking of an apron we made in 1st year of high school. It was in Home Ec. class and it was the assignment of the second term. It had a band which you tied around your waist, so it wouldn't have done any good if you spilt stuff on the school jumper.
Each of them were either pink, red, green. There might have been blue aprons but it seems unlikely. They all had a pocket which was made unique by the owner's stitching/embroidering of a lil' item or initials. At first I wanted to do a Keyblade, but it was hella hard to stitch the hilt bit of the key. So I opted for the gold crown which was on the chain that Sora wears and the keychain on his Keyblade in it's true form...
Yeesh, I sound like a nerd....
I used the chain stitch(?) to do it because that was the only I could do well. 

I did really well, in my opinion. It's not spot on, but close. I kept it fairly straight!!
So, that was…

Chinese New Year 2k11!! Year of the Rabbit!

G'day everyone!! Today is Feb 3rd, therefore it's Chinese New Year! It's the year of the Rabbit, but I'm a Rat... A random fact the years of the Rat will always be on a leap year.
Anywho, it sorta works like the '12 Days of Christmas ' song only we have 15 days. And everyone turns a year older on the 7th day. Something odd my mum asked me to do, was to take down the garbage before the clock turned 5 in Ireland, 'cos we celebrate on Viet. time(GMT+7 ). It was awful, I got locked out downstairs and it took forever until a neighbour came and helped me out!
This is my kinda holiday, it's very superstitious but it brings a family together. Great craic and all! I get very prideful during this time. Otherwise, I have nothing else to say, no pictures... 
So, Happy Chinese New Year to anyone that does celebrate it!!

Until we blog again,

NOTD: Nfu-Oh 51 and Swatch of Nfu-Oh GS 14

Evening, I got home fairly early today, but still tired. And I hurt my left wrist. And another slap in the face is I can't sign into MSN. Something about error code 80072efd and a firewall, it sucks!! I'll just wait it out. Overall today isn't a good day.
I went into Clearys near the Spire today and saw they did sell IsaDora Graffiti (Crackle) Nail polish there. This must mean when I saw the little O.P.I shelf thingy by the counter, all other things became obsolete! But in all fairness it's only the yellow and green one. I will check other places.
I have the Nfu-Oh 51 swatches today. Along with Nfu -Oh GS 14.
Mind you there's a crappy swatch on nail wheels... you were warned!!!

O.P.I's Black Shatter. So Damn Cool!!

Dudes and Dudettes! This is some revolutionary polish! Crackle or Shatter (to be different) polish which when applied, dries quick and shrinks to leave this matte sort of giraffe print. Oh, and hi there!
Barry M and IsaDora do a crackle topcoat as well. Barry M's brush is way too small for me to apply speedily. IsaDora does it in a variety of colours and this is the one I wanted to opt for first, but I've yet to find a single crackle polish by the brand in Dublin.
Uh, Black Shatter is... black (duh!) and it dries to a matte finish, very quickly! And I'm talking about Speedy Gonzalez kinda 'quickly'! 
I had Nfu Oh's 51 on already 'cos I was feeling low and it's so pretty, I've yet to start a post on it, euch, school!! So I got it at Clearys in Dublin for €13 near the Spire. I was surprised they actually had the entire Katy Perry Collection! So more about the swatch. This is a quick swatch because I had to, cmon. It's soooo cool I couldn't not sw…