Uzumaki Inspired Nail Art!

BOO!! Hehe, what's cracking?! Recently I've been jonesing to do something different, so I did Uzumaki nails!! And no, I'm not talking about the crazy ninja in the orange jumpsuit! I read the manga Uzumaki online by Junji Ito (Ito Junji). It's like a creepy horror comic about a girl who live in a town, where inhabitants become obsessed with all things spiral (uzumaki). By no means, is it scary though.
Sure, you might get a couple of dreams about snail shells and fingerprints for a while, but thats normal right?
Hehe, I also had a dream that I was in a shop looking for the volume. I thought that was a calling so after school I'll go into comic shops in search for the 3 volumes of Uzumaki.
I was compelled, to say the least, to do nail art with a certain theme from the manga. Yes, spirals... I'm becoming obsessed myself....

I used O.P.I's Big Apple Red and Alpine Snow. This is a first attempt, and I like it!! As I was doing the spiral, my hands were shaky so that's why it turned out like...uh the way it did. Why did I use red? Blood!!! The white just makes the red stand out is all. 
I'm sure there is a Konad plate with spirals, but it's no fun if I can't do it myself and mess it up, aren't I right?! 
Hehe, hoped you like it!!

Until we blog again,


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