Old Swatches Revisited!: Done Out in Deco

Guten Tag! I'm revisiting old swatches at the moment and this will be the first of 3 from my ugly first swatches post. I get cramps thinking about the shape of my nails back then.
I'll be starting with Done Out in Deco. My second O.P.I polish ever. A dusty-ish lilac. Being perfectly honest I've nothing to say, because all there was to say has been said, you know what I mean?
I'll just show the pics then. All were 2 coats of the lacquer and the last one with one coat of Essence Matt(e) Topcoat.

In my defence that was as sunny as it was gonna get that day! C'mon I live in Ireland!! Hope you like it!!

Until we blog again,


  1. I love the matte look of this one. It somewhat reminds me of clay. I featured your swatch on my blog and wanted to come by and give you a heads up!


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