L'Onglex Acetone Free Polish Remover

Hiyo!! I feel like talking about my new nail polish remover today. 

It's the famous L'Onglex remover without acetone. I read about it on Beaut.ie. It's suppose to be really moisturising and better for your nails. I haven't been using it for long so can't really tell. But what I can tell you is that is takes off polish easily, there is no going back unless you didn't get the bit o' polish at the sides of your nails, if your nail beds are curved like mine! Just soak the pad and pressed down gently but firmly down the nail for like 15 seconds and hey presto!!
It costs about €3.70 in Dunnes Stores and I'm sure you can find it almost anywhere in Dublin! And isn't the logo and pic. cute or what? Super classy!! Hehe, the formula's purple!! From the name, I'm pretty sure it's French, correct me if I'm wrong.
PARABEN ALERT! This contains methylparaben. I might switch over to the acetone one, if it contains no parabens, once I'm finished with this 'un. Oh, and it stinks, I've only ever gotten 2 non-acetone removers so far including this one, the first one stank so much it put me off for a while. I miss the smell of my old Cutex Acetone remover. It gave me a buzz!
If you think you wasted 5 mins reading this, I wouldn't blame ya! Haha ^^

Until we blog again,


  1. ooo great find, acetone just killlls my fingers!

    great blog- just started following,

    Annina of www.cimchedatthewaist.com


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