Allo! Mind you, you didn't know I went to Brussels did you? Well it was a school trip; 25 students from 2nd year got picked to go along with 3 teachers from the language department. Now of course there were pics. but before that, I'll tell you what it was about.
It was for the E.U Pilot Project and for us to learn about how they make laws and the steps involved in the decision making and basically about the E.U. I'm not going to say it was boring, but I shan't waste your time if in your heart of hearts you know you really don't wanna hear about that part.
There was food, we had to pay for dinners but it was well worth it. There was also a Spanish mixed school. We are a girl school so you can imagine most of our excitement. I'd have gotten excited myself but it seemed to easy. I avoid easy. I'm a bit shy anyways, especially around guys... hehe... Picture time!!

That was the view from the airplane window. Pretty huh? 
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This next one is of me when I first got to the hotel room. We stayed in two pairs and each teacher had their own room. Lucky.
Sorry for the state of me and the blurriness. I didn't want to use flash and get glare from the mirror.

This is my ice tea from dinner that night. We ate at Pizza Hut. ^^  I ordered another drink but it never came :(

That was my friend's dessert. Looks gooooood!!

Fast forward to the next day at lunch. I got bored and made this origami crane. We spent it with the Spanish school and I talked to this lovely girl Sofia. She kissed me on the cheek before she left. How sweet!

Glare!! That's a Mickey Mouse chocolate statue near the Grande Place. Yum....

And the final pic. for today is a building in the Grande Place. It was too big to get a full scale pic. Lovely, regardless!

Well I'm back now. I'm gonna brush my teeth and got to bed. We still got school tomorrow even though our flight landed at 22.00. Majorly unfair, but I can't wait it's my friend's bday today!

Until we blog again,


  1. I've been in Brussels me too around january 6, I recognized that Mickey's chocolate culpture :D

  2. they are masters of chocolate over there, there was even a chocolate version of Manneken Pis!!


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