Essence Swatches Pt 2: D.I.B

Evening to y'all. Was watching Two and a Half Men now, they crack me up. Now, we have the Essence swatches part 2 from D.I.B (Dear Irish Buddy) for Xmas. So nice of her since she finds my nail obsession tiring. Now they didn't have the names and barcode at the side so I had to do some surfing, meaning I'm only 90% percent sure that the names are right.
Meet you on the other side! (cue scary music)

2 coats

This SHOULD be Lime Up! I think I gots a messed up bottle. The formula was very thick on this which was unusual. Not too big of a problem, put in some thinner in. The brush was also a bit wonky and a tad stiff. The colour on the other hand is so... unusual. Shrek-y kinda! 

1 coat

Yep! Just one coat, uber pigmentation on this one! Your average red nothing special. Classic colour though. Could probably konad with this!

So yeah, those were the swatches. Go raibh mile maith agat a chara!

Until we blog again,


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