Essence Swatches Pt 1: Elisa

Hi-ho! Hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to work we go....
I remembering watching Snow White when I was younger and more suggestible. Now, I'm thinking where did the magic go?
Humdingers aside, I have swatchies today! They're Essence polishes, which my good friend Elise gave me as a birthday present. I also put a matte topcoat on each polish, 'cos well, it's fun. 

3 coats

First up is White Secret. Jelly, sheer, whatever floats your boat, white. Very streaky as you can imagine, but the end result is very delicate and princess-y. I'm thinking sorta like O.P.I's Bubble Bath. Not really opaque at 3 coatings, but on the upside great for Frenchies. See the other two swatches after the jump!!

2 coats

This is my second favourite colour from Ely. It's a hot pink righteously named 'Ultimate Pink'. It's so glossy without a topcoat. I usually hate pink (that's the kinda hatred that stems from watching too much Barbie) but THIS.... GAH... is all I can say. Very pigmented with one coat but I gave it two so it wouldn't be lonely. Very happy with this turn out!

2 coats
Wow, just wow! This is my favourite!! It's such a spring colour, so green, grassy and just perfect! It leans on the blue side. and makes me happy! Oh so very happy. Respectively named 'Check Me Out'. Like Ultimate Pink it's uber pigmented but I always put on another coat for good measure. 

Overall they are just AWESOME! Brush fans out and isn't too stiff. Drying time is average. I never did buy into that quick dry thing. Pigmentation on the last 2 polishes were a joy! And the glossiness is unanimous in all polishes. Stay tuned for part 2 where a polish only needs one coat! Yep, just one and no VNL (Visible nail line)

Until we blog again,


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