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GOSH Blue Monday

G'Day! Hope everything's dandy! I'm practically spitting out rainbows today, I'm so happy! Today is a swatch-adoodle of GOSH's Blue Monday.

It was positively sheer, dare I say, jelly-latinous. Along with blue glitter and subtle purple shimmer. Very pretty, although a bummer, since it dries a bit longer than average. Of course it would, that was 4 coats! Mighta been able to get away with 3 thick coats.
The matte version is kinda suede-y but toned down. But what doesn't look good matte....?

Why, I wonder if it's anything like Russian Navy Suede, wish I had a bottle...!! :D Oh well..
That's it for now. See ya!! 

Until we blog again,


Allo! Mind you, you didn't know I went to Brussels did you? Well it was a school trip; 25 students from 2nd year got picked to go along with 3 teachers from the language department. Now of course there were pics. but before that, I'll tell you what it was about.
It was for the E.U Pilot Project and for us to learn about how they make laws and the steps involved in the decision making and basically about the E.U. I'm not going to say it was boring, but I shan't waste your time if in your heart of hearts you know you really don't wanna hear about that part.
There was food, we had to pay for dinners but it was well worth it. There was also a Spanish mixed school. We are a girl school so you can imagine most of our excitement. I'd have gotten excited myself but it seemed to easy. I avoid easy. I'm a bit shy anyways, especially around guys... hehe... Picture time!!

That was the view from the airplane window. Pretty huh? 
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Rimmel Grape Sorbet

Short post again. Sorry. Rimmel's Grape Sorbet. Frosty, pearly (could never tell!^^)  mauvey pink. Keep in mind the brushstrokes show bad on this! It's really glossy though, when I was swatching this I could have sworn I saw my reflection and the spots that were emerging. YUCK!!

My post on my nail wheel will be coming up soon and I finally got those damned Nfu Oh polishes!! Have a nice night.!! Adios!!

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Trés Chic! Rimmel's Starlet!

Hey, quick post about my newest favourite mauve polish. Rimmel's 60 Seconds Starlet! Pack with microglitter and has a foil finish. It suits me oh so well and reminds me of my first favourite polish! More on that later! And hopefully getting 2 Nfu-Oh polishes tomorrow! Eek!!

I love it!! Everything about it is so awesone! Very subtle, but in your face! Great brush, formula and even coverage. 3 free formula to let you know! Nothing at all bad to say about it except why didn't I buy it earlier!

Until we blog again,

ps a little something extra

Essence Swatches Pt 2: D.I.B

Evening to y'all. Was watching Two and a Half Men now, they crack me up. Now, we have the Essence swatches part 2 from D.I.B (Dear Irish Buddy) for Xmas. So nice of her since she finds my nail obsession tiring. Now they didn't have the names and barcode at the side so I had to do some surfing, meaning I'm only 90% percent sure that the names are right.
Meet you on the other side! (cue scary music)

Essence Swatches Pt 1: Elisa

Hi-ho! Hi-ho, hi-ho it's off to work we go....
I remembering watching Snow White when I was younger and more suggestible. Now, I'm thinking where did the magic go?
Humdingers aside, I have swatchies today! They're Essence polishes, which my good friend Elise gave me as a birthday present. I also put a matte topcoat on each polish, 'cos well, it's fun. 

First up is White Secret. Jelly, sheer, whatever floats your boat, white. Very streaky as you can imagine, but the end result is very delicate and princess-y. I'm thinking sorta like O.P.I's Bubble Bath. Not really opaque at 3 coatings, but on the upside great for Frenchies. See the other two swatches after the jump!!

Tiger Purse ^^

Good day/night/afternoon/morning/whatever floats your boat! This Random is a cute tiger purse, not made from tigers obviously... that'd be awful. 
I got it for my twelfth birthday. In't it cute?

Made by Samsonite, Sammies Range. I also have a ladybug (bird) one, but the strap frayed, so I have to make a new one.
What's even more cool, the teeth underneath the fluff beard are made from zipper TEETH, coincedence? I think not!

Yeuch... My nails are horribly stained...  Just felt like showing the purse!

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L'Onglex Acetone Free Polish Remover

Hiyo!! I feel like talking about my new nail polish remover today. 

It's the famous L'Onglex remover without acetone. I read about it on It's suppose to be really moisturising and better for your nails. I haven't been using it for long so can't really tell. But what I can tell you is that is takes off polish easily, there is no going back unless you didn't get the bit o' polish at the sides of your nails, if your nail beds are curved like mine! Just soak the pad and pressed down gently but firmly down the nail for like 15 seconds and hey presto!!
It costs about €3.70 in Dunnes Stores and I'm sure you can find it almost anywhere in Dublin! And isn't the logo and pic. cute or what? Super classy!! Hehe, the formula's purple!! From the name, I'm pretty sure it's French, correct me if I'm wrong.
PARABEN ALERT! This contains methylparaben. I might switch over to the acetone one, if it contains no parabens, once I'm finished with…

Old Swatches Revisited! Pt 3: Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

Does anyone love Lauren Cooper from The Catherine Tate Show? I do, doesn't really apply herself, but is still somewhat smart. My cup of tea. I'm watching the snippet from when she has to do her French Exam. Check it out!
This is before I go to school and have to do 2 tests! Wish me luck!!
Ladies and Gents I present to you Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees!! An almost-black-but-still-black-enough-to-be-called-black polish from the Spain Collection 2008.

It's gotten thick so, I'll have to add some thinner. Hasta la vista!!

Until we blog again,

Old Swatches Revisited! Pt 2: Moon Over Mumbai

This was my first O.P.I, mind you, from the India Collection. It's a sheer creme, but can be called a shimmer as well, although they are very subtle. The bottle is over half finished and the cap is nearly glued shut! A lovely pale grey which is properly opaque with 4 thin coats or 3 thick ones. Had it for 8 months roughly and it's gotten a wee bit thick.

Until we blog again,

Stylish Blog Award!!

Hi! This is a first! Um Marika from A Fashionista, bless her, considered me as one of her 15 Stylish Bloggers and gave me and 14 others, said award! What a great way to start the year!
Do visit her, and check out the other blogs, they're real good. I'm particularly fond of this, DIY Bow Bobby pins! Clever ja?

Right. There are rules if I'm understanding this correctly:-

1 - Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award

2 - Share 7 things about yourself

3 - Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4 - Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Copy, paste, copy paste!!

7 Thing About Me 
I love all things kawaii! Very superstitious, never walk under ladders!I've a button nose.Love anime, manga and the likes.Major NERD which stands for Not Even Remotely Dorky!I like to shuffle around as it propels me!My favourite comedian is Tim Minchin.My 15 Bloggers Yang @ http://bitten--ap…

Uzumaki Inspired Nail Art!

BOO!! Hehe, what's cracking?! Recently I've been jonesing to do something different, so I did Uzumaki nails!! And no, I'm not talking about the crazy ninja in the orange jumpsuit! I read the manga Uzumaki online by Junji Ito (Ito Junji). It's like a creepy horror comic about a girl who live in a town, where inhabitants become obsessed with all things spiral (uzumaki). By no means, is it scary though.
Sure, you might get a couple of dreams about snail shells and fingerprints for a while, but thats normal right?
Hehe, I also had a dream that I was in a shop looking for the volume. I thought that was a calling so after school I'll go into comic shops in search for the 3 volumes of Uzumaki.
I was compelled, to say the least, to do nail art with a certain theme from the manga. Yes, spirals... I'm becoming obsessed myself....

I used O.P.I's Big Apple Red and Alpine Snow. This is a first attempt, and I like it!! As I was doing the spiral, my hands were shaky so that&#…

Old Swatches Revisited!: Done Out in Deco

Guten Tag! I'm revisiting old swatches at the moment and this will be the first of 3 from my ugly first swatches post. I get cramps thinking about the shape of my nails back then.
I'll be starting with Done Out in Deco. My second O.P.I polish ever. A dusty-ish lilac. Being perfectly honest I've nothing to say, because all there was to say has been said, you know what I mean?
I'll just show the pics then. All were 2 coats of the lacquer and the last one with one coat of Essence Matt(e) Topcoat.

In my defence that was as sunny as it was gonna get that day! C'mon I live in Ireland!! Hope you like it!!

Until we blog again,

Neutrogena's Multi-Defence Daily Moisturis(z)er

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! For my first post of 2011, I randomly thought to talk about one of my moisturizers.Was gonna talk about a finished nail wheel but I've met with some complications so that will come roughly mid-Jan.
It's coming along very well since there's only one! Still need to get that damn DS polish but can't effin' find a bleeding stockist. >:(
This is my moisturizer....
Neutrogena's Multi-Defence Daily Moisturis(z)er with SPF 25. I got it the other day at Boots, €3 off! As you can see it's one of those contraptions with a pump. Which I'm liking but not really use to. My other moisturizer is by Simple and it's one where, well... it's a bang-on-the-bottom-off-the-ketchup-bottle kinda situation. A squeezy is as best as I can describe the other one.
It has a slightly milky texture, not full on rich. Absorbs into the skin fairly quick and you end up with uber-soft skin. The SPF is just extra gravy, to be honest, but it doesn't hurt to hav…