Top 10 Polishes I Want to See in The Market!!

Today is something special. I was thinking of polishes the other day (what else?) and I thought it would be cool if they made a white polish with red shimmer! Anyways I expanded and thought of more colours that would be cool, came up with about 10 more. 
  1. White polish with red shimmer (as I said before¬¬)
  2. Black frost with flakies 
  3. Pink suede 
  4. Black jelly
  5. Mauve jelly with magenta shimmer
  6. Matte blue glitter topcoat
  7. Perriwinkle colour
  8. White duochrome
  9. Matte pure red
  10. Yellow suede
Some might be out there already, in that case where can I get them? Hehe... Well, to all a good night!!!

Until we blog again,


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