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Hi-lo (Hi and Hello had a baby!!)
Today the paint job's really kinda rushed but I'll be back to do it properly next time round! It is Copper Rulez! by Essence today from the Metallics Collection this year and they've released like 5 polishes, 4 being magnetic and 1 is black I think. It sounds cool don't it, but I only got one, as part of my 'mini-haul' to check it out first. They sell a magnet separately that came with instructions which is down below,

Easy eh?
Simply put, STRAIGHT AFTER applying a coat of the magnetic colour take hold of the magnet and place it over the nail as close as possible and how you position it will affect the end pattern. So easy a 13 yr old like me could do it.
Alessandro was the first brand to make magnetic polishes or was it L'Oréal? Well either ways Essence isn't the first. 
I heard through the grapevine that Essence's one doesn't work as well but I think that's because of the magnet, I got a good result but I was able to hold it very close to my nail when I did it. Let's have a look see.....
Quick and dirty....

I love the colour, can't tell if it's copper or bronze, well I was never good at describing beauty in any sense. It is jam packed with gold, orange shimmer, which you will see after removing it. When it's swatched properly I'll do a matte and a matte pattern swatch as well. It dries, well I don't know how it dries, but it ain't glossy, I'll add a topcoat next time as well!! :) The colour can also work by itself so the pattern is basically an extra, but a good one!!
The formula was a God send, that was only one coat of the actualy colour so it's really pigmented. The brush fans out easily so A+ for that. At their Limited Edition stands there is a little bit where you can pull out and read the ingredients which I think is clever if they didn't want to put it on the back of the bottle. So as far as I can remember reading, they are Big Three Free along with Camphor, but I might have to recheck....
Got mine for like €4-something in the local pharmacy but here in Ireland Essence has been spreading like wildfire for a while now so it's not so hard to find!! And I will definitely get more from this collection!! Hopefully it won't be sold out!
The pattern is really pretty, simple but it still works. If it was to complex it would take away form the polish itself I'd say. Reminds me of those grill marks when you make steaks, anyone else think that? Not a big fan of meat, but definitely not vegetarian, love my beef too much! <3. Have a damn good day people! And sorry for the uber long post. This is some good stuff man!!!! Auf Wiedersehen!

Until we blog again,


  1. thats so cool! I wish these were available in Canada :(

  2. Really? And here I thought they were available everywhere! ^^


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