First Nail Wheel & Essence Swatch!!

Guten Tag!!! Wassup!! Got off early today from school! 
Got myself a nail wheel and my very first one as well!! It's so cool 'cos now, I don't have to be constantly using nail polish remover, plus I trimmed my nails :( Okie Dokie. Well I have another nail polish by Essence from their Metallics Collection as I said I would. I got Metal Battle, it's a non-magnetic polish, black with primarily blue shimmer. It's sooooooooo pretty!! More after the photo....
2 coats
The first one is with Matt(e) Topcoat by the same brand. That is gorgeous isn't it? Like flat paint. On the second nail you can kinda see some shimmer, it really is very subtle. No problems whatsoever, not yet anyways... 
Uh so that's it, have a good night and stay in school!^^

Until we blog again,


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