Essence's Hypnotic Poison!!

Good Day my fellow man! Lately, I've been all for Essence polishes, they're cheap, with a good brush and formula, and have a decent variety of colours! I was jonesing for another shimmer polish as I have too many cremes, so I forked over €1.30 for Hypnotic Poison. I think Dior have a perfume with the same name.... Hmmmm.....
It's a lovely colour I can't quite describe. Wine/Burgundy with subtle, pink-ish and red shimmer which is soooo HOT!!
The matte version, as you can tell, is the second nail. Everything just looks so good if it's mattified. It's like now it's shiny, now it's not. As with some shimmers the shimmery-ness (actual word?) fades, which I find really weird....

Uh the picture turned out more red than real life... I took another picture but there was no sunlight, regardless the colour was a bit more uh....lifelike.....hehe...

Okie Doke, that's all for now, thanks for stopping by! :P

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  1. that is a beautiful colour! Love the matte effect too!


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