Top 10 Excuses for Not Doing Homework!

OK!! Today is a Top 10 kinda post. Only with excuses for not doing homework!!!* I think we'll get right to it then eh?
  1. ''I was absent/sick/out!''
  2. ''I didn't understand it.''
  3. ''We had homework?''
  4. ''I thought you were joking when you said we had to do homework!"
  5. "I was nursing my guinea pig back to health."
  6. "My nail chipped and I was in mourning."
  7. "I was defending the good people of Gotham City!!"
  8. "I was so wasted!"
  9. "Dog ate my books"
  10. "Dropped my bag in the River Liffey. Sorry"
When I used #10 teacher didn't believe me. I asked why and he said because my bag hung off my chair. Not one of my best moves. I played #9 and he didn't even comment. Tried #7 and he proceeded to talk about the movie and forgot that my homework wasn't done. I was like hells yeah!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Until we blog again,

* This post is primarily for comedic effect. Use them at your own risk.. Really... I'm not kidding. And you should always have your homework done because it's one of the best ways to revise on what you did that day in class. (kinda had to write the last piece if you know what I mean!)


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