SUSHI!!!!!! Yummy-Yum!!

Hey!!!! Today's random is SUSHI!!!! I love it!! Japanese food is AWESOME!!! I got (and by I, I mean my dad) it at SUSHI KING!! I know some people can't stand sushi and think it's only raw fish. It isn't, although that's one of the main reasons why I eat it! I could live off of wasabi and raw salmon!! Hmmmm.... Wasabi!!! Hot, it is, love spicy stuff!! Ooh and gari as well, the pickled ginger!! Yum!!!
YUM.... Raw Fish!!

Can see some Nigirizushi and California rolls!! Don't mind me if I mixed up the names and the sushi! To be honest I don't care, I'm just in it for the fish and wasabi.... I could live off of it... If I could afford it... or if it was healthy to do so... The chopsticks were so hard to break I was worried of getting splinters!!
That's all... Have a good 'un or whatever floats your boat!!

Until we blog again,


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