Some Rather Successful Nail Art!! Flowers!

HEY!!!! Good news this is one of those times where I do a bit of nail art and ACTUALLY succeed 1st time!! I was on YouYube and saw THIS she said it was ''simple and easy'' and IT WAS!!! I'm so proud. It might not be a big deal but it is to this 13 year old!!
I get how "successful" was kinda a big leap of faith but look at the middle and ringie. Result!! Check the vid. She is AWESOME!! And her voice is sooo soothing. I'm going to try to recreate a couple more of her nail arts!!. I used Moon over Mumbai as the base colour and my only black for the flowers; Suzi Skis in The Pyrenees. Her vids are AWESOME!!!!! LIKE REALLY!!! Wonder if she has a blog.....

Until we blog again,


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