My First and LAST Illamasqua Nail Polish: Hectic!

Hey!! Hope you're well! After school I walked home with my friend and it was pouring rain and I was thinking "It HAD to rain when I was out!!" Yeah, I'm that unlucky!! I heard from  that Illamasqua was gonna leave this weekend. Bummer but, it's not all bad. In Jervis they opened THE WORLD'S BIGGEST NEW LOOK and EUROPE'S FIRST FOREVER21!! Well at least that's what I heard.... Well that's not the point, the point being that jobs are being created!! Which means I can use this for my Business project on the recession!!
I babbled on for long enough so Illamasqua is leaving so I took this opportunity to buy at least one of their colours. Big downer is that they were still full price so that kinda sucked. I kinda expected like clearance or something. But I wanted to get either Hectic (olive green) or Baptiste (dark purple with pink shimmer) You know from the title I got Hectic. It's so unusual, very mute, think army camo colour! I wanted to get an olive for a while and thought of Chanel Khaki Vert. There was a little voice inside saying "It's too expensive!!" well not a little voice but my wallet! Plus Khaki Vert would have ran out by now..
Illamasqua's nail polish came in like a cute box... A bit fancy for my taste but okay...

The actual colour is sooo pretty!! My friend said it looked like vomit when I swatched it on her hands. Mine had polish on. It's also Big-3 free!! Yay!!
2 coats
Bottle is like Chanel's, cuboid shaped (hehe cuboid sounds funny!) The brush is quite like GOSH's, thin but fans out for even coverage. The smell isn't overwhelming. DING DING! The formula was thin but it was opaque in 2/3 coats. The only thing wrong is that the brush cap was cubed, which meant I couldn't manoeuvre it as easily as I wanted! There is 15ml and it cost me €15 which means €1/ml. While this is my first and I did like it very very much, it's my last because no more Illamasqua in Ireland. Nothing could hold a candle to my O.P.I anyways! No offence! 
Polychromo- Olive Green Yellowish(not kidding)
That is my polychromo pencil I use for Art. They're so similar!! hehehe!!

And for curiosity's sake the matte version!!


Until we blog again,


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