How To? Make Your Own Konad Sponger!!!

Heya!!! Wassup?!!! This is a first, I made my own Konad Sponger!! They are made by the company but I think you have to buy another set.... so I thought make my own!! It isn't that original but eh, who cares!!
All you need is:
  1. Konad STAMPER
  2. Make-up sponge
  3. Scissors
Here are the steps with some pictures

1. Get your konad stamper

2. Take the actual rubber stamper thingy out

3. Get your make-up sponge. Then place the rubber stamper on top and trace it

4. Cut it out. It needn't be perfect

5. Slot the sponge into the holder grip thingy, yeah I'm not so good with terminology

Et voila!! You've got your own interchangeable konad stamper/sponger. Cool huh? Have a nice day/night!!

Until we blog again,


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