Random Thought/Rant: Over-sexualisation of Society

Random-Rant-Time! The other day I was out in town with my friend and we had a very interesting conversation. We looked into a costume shop. My friend said that she would attempt to make her own costume for Hallowe'en and I don't really celebrate the holiday but if I did I told her I would buy it instead beacause I tried to make a costume once, blew up in my face!! The two of us saw a costume packet and on the front was a sort of like a preview on how it would look like on the person. She also saw a costume that was meant to be like Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland' or something like that, my memory is really bad. The skirt was like super-mini and that was when the coversation began. Alice is a child so I thought there was something really perverse, you know? So my friend and I delved into that.
After that we realised it was everywhere. Ever realised that for a let say, gadgets magazine soley aimed at the male market has a woman on the front cover with her bikini on!! That like pisses me off! And vice versa as well but I would say women are more likey to be subjected to it. Worst of all you know who is affected? The children! I might sound like an eejit but it's true. I'm only 13 but I kinda matured early and have my own opinions on this, to which I'm entitled! 
Where I live I frequently see teens/children conforming to society and its over-sexed media. Earlier on today I saw 3 women wearing short skirts and I guessed they were off to either a disco or pub. I'm not against that, there's nothing I can do about it is there? But what gets me is that IT'S WINTER!!! Well not really but it's close enough!! It's like 19 degrees Celsius outside I mean come on!!!
I'm sorry I digress. There's nothing wrong with the way one might dress if it is in reason. It's okay to feel good about yourself, I'm all for it. I guess I'm making no sense but you would have to be on the same wavelength and be as crazy as I am to understand!! To simply put, children need role models. Role models need to set a good example otherwise they might grow up thinking that maybe beauty gets you something, or that it is all that matters. I'll tell you what beauty is, it is inside and out. It is in the fricken beholder's eyes. Mostly your not going to need it when you're dead. That's not to say you can't make yourself presentable, there's a limit/boundary. Just don't over step it.
I can understand how I might sound hypocritical being that I have nail polish that I might never finish and don't really need, but I think it doesn't matter as much in regards to overall self image. 
Again I digress. Main point(s):
  • There's no need to make everything sexy, it's nice the way it is.
  • Role models will always need to set a good example.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Men's mags shouldn't have a half naked women on the front cover to get sales if it was a really good magazine.
  • And finally don't wear skirts when it's cold unless you're well wrapped up because comfort over style for me!! :D
Sorry if I ranted on too long. Hope you'll forgive me!! :D It was nice to get it off my mind because it was bugging me for a while!:P Have a really nice day!!

Until we blog again,


  1. Hi there and I really enjoyed this post. It is interesting and heartening to see that you and your friends are in tune enough to notice the hyper sexualisation of everything around - halloween costumes included!

  2. Oh why, thank you for taking time to both read and comment!! :)

  3. I totally agree with you, and I'm glad that you see it at 13. Lots of tweens/teens are oblivious and will do anything to fit in.


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