NOTD!: O.P.I: Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow Suede (HTATS)

Hello all! What is another name for motorcycle? Motorized bike... Who knew?! :P Today I have the last of the trio that I purchased a while back but decided to swatch seperately. TADA!!!! Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow Suede from the Suede Collection 2009 but this one was released seperate from the first 6. Released in May(?) 2010 Not too sure. 
Suedes from O.P.I are notably famous for not really looking like a suede version of the orignal. Don't have the original but from what my spongy mind gathers the original is a green-black. Gorgeous! It came with a 'lil booklet on how to care for a Suede. How thoughtful!!^^

That 'does not wear as long' bit is right. Don't be surprised when it chips like 5 hours after you put it on...REALLY!!
Here it is in its Suede-y goodness!!
2 coats *drools*
And here it is glossy. You see how I changed it there?!! It's even nicer!!

Sorry for the crappy pic. Cam doesn't like me. Still figuring out how to work the controls! Heres a link to Scrangie's review! Way much better and I love her nails!! Gorgeous!! Well.... Ta-ta!!

Until we blog again,


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