G'day everyone!!! Whats up? Answer: gas prices!! I got 3 new nail polishes from O.P.I, a red, a taupe and a suede!!
Gonna swatch them in seperate posts. Why? 'Cos I can!! Nyahah!! First I will swatch the red. It is called Big Apple Red, it sounds better as Big RED Apple. Dunno when it was released but it might have been in a New York Collection... I won't waste time, love the formula, love the brush, love love love!! Although it is a blood red colour. Perfect for Hallowe'en!! Mwahahah!! Here you go!
2 coats
As usual another version in matte because everybody likes variety eh?
lost my matte topcoat found it an hour later ^_^
Sin é. That's it!! Have a good 'un!!

Until we blog again,


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