My Drawing of A.... UNICORN!!!!!

Hello!!!! Guten Tag!! or Nacht....... So far in the midterm I've just watched a movie with my friend and that has been the only highlight of it all... Yeah, I'm kinda depressing. Hehe :D I plan to get my student card soon for all the cool discounts (guitar riff) and by discounts I mean art stores and Topshop!!! But it's handy, you know? Things cost alot now!! 
Speaking of art I have a drawing to show to you all!! A, drum roll please, UNICORN!!! They're such magical creatures don't you think? Here he is, I named him Naruto after one of my favourite animes, they're so addictive!!! 
Ah... Naruto....
That's all for today, have a good 'un!

Until we blog again,


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