Lush's Lemony Flutter For Perfect Cuticles!!!

Today I got me some cuticle cream or butter as they call it on the pot lid. It cost me €9.50 for that little pot of 50 grams but it is handmade so... not complaining but still... I got it 'cos Michèle from uses it and let's admit it her cuticles are gorgeous!!! Mine are somewhat deformed!
I took the pic. of the wittle pot when it on top of my laptop keyboard. As you can see I love Shrek!! It was the first video I ever got when I was 4. I clearly remember it was the eldest sister in the family coming to Ireland to visit and she gave me it...
Sorry I digress, on to the butter! (Random thought: Hmm butter!) Homer Simpson moment!! It is super creamy and it smells like candy!!! On the bottom it has a little sticker and a cartoon pic. of the person who made it mine was made by... Matt. It does make your cuticles softer and more moisturised!! I'll buy it again defo(Irish slang for definitely!) It contains parabens but I'm not going to worry it personally.... I think...:)

Until we blog again,

ps. That is Matt the guy who made my little pot of Lemony Flutter!!!


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