Rimmel Pro SuperWear Ultra Shine Topcoat, Major Let Down!! :(

Tag! Wie geht's dir? Ich liebe mein Deutsch! Honestly I suck at languages! Doesn't stop me though....
Anyways, review-age on Rimmel's Pro SuperWear Ultra Shine Topcoat. Woah, long name! First time I used it I thought it was the BOMB!!! As time went on I realised it weren't worth the nearly €7 I spent. It claims '3D superior shine top coat. Chip resistant for up to 10 days. Prolongs intensity and shine.' oh and it's also flammable, but that's true of most polishes right?
Okay let's not beat around the bush, I personally believe that no topcoat could be chip resistant for 10 days, well at least not this one I chipped after a day. I had school so I did wear them out alot considering all the writing and fidgeting I do. See for yourself.

You can kinda see them there. I don't really use the technique where you bring the topcoat over the nail edge and down. Too much work!! It's not that noticible but I am a total perfectionist. It is shiny but not the shiniest and I thought it was kinda streaky if the light hit it correctly. The brush is bigger than O.P.I's which I love. The bigger the better!! Oh yeah, um I am wearing O.P.I's Suzi Says Feng Shui underneath, loving it at the mo! Overall I think it isn't worth it. I might invest in Sally Hansen's Mega Shine topcoat. Read great reviews on the Internet.

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  1. Thanks for the review :)
    Sorry to hear this wasn't your favorite top coat tho :(


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