NOTD: GOSH Holographic

Okie doke! Today's nail of the day!! Time for a swatch this time with nail polish contestant: GOSH's Holographic!!! Cost me €8.50 and in Dublin you can get them at random pharmacies or at AWear. I got it today and was so pyched to try it out!! I must say this is my first nail colour from GOSH, I also got their Fix Base Coat 565 and Rainbow 546 (which I gotta swatch, it's lovely) and now I have Holographic 549
GOSH nail lacquers contains no DBP, Formaldehyde, Camphor or Toluene!!

2 coats (Wee!! Shiny!!!)

First coat was so and so but by coat number 2/3 everything was perfect. If I ever got an O.P.I DS I'd think it would look something like this. It's a big pick me up if I'm sad or bored then I can stare at my nails and hours would pass. How to describe it's beauty....
Um it's like someone crushed up a mirror to its tiny, tiny pieces and made it into a polish.... That made no sense did it?... Don't try to find the logic in it, just lose yourself in it....
The brush is great it fans out which makes everything easier and it's a big plus!! Its holo effect is dulled somewhat in my opinion sort of if you put a top coat on it...:'(

It is totally eeeuch(if that's a word...) when it's matte in my opinion.

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