I SCREAM Peach!!!!!

Hello!!! Dia duit! How are you? Conas atá sibh?
Just practising my Irish, got my Junior Cert. next year!! Euch.... So anyways; swatch-amadoodle!!! Got I Scream Peach Catrice, doesn't that rhyme??!! Hmmm... Well might as well lay down the dirty first. The brush is perfect for my individual need. It isn't peach more like orange but leans on being pastel. It was streak-fest 2010....
Okay big exaggeration, but I could still see my nail showing through after 3 coats and I personally make it a point never to go past 3 unless it's a sheer!! Good quality for €2.79 I'll say! And for 10ml as well. My opinion might change though.                     
Dare I say, first time I ever put on O.P.I it was difficult and I didn't get the results I wanted.....'til I found out ti was a sheer...DUH!! But it's probably my technique of application. I still have to find out it it is 3-free. And I'll have to thin it out..
Sorry for the rant! 
3 coats
On my ringie you see my pathetic attempt at nail art. It is Russian Navy by O.P.I as a base colour and GOSH's Holographic as petals and O.P.I's Jade is The New Black as the centre dot! And it's matte which is starting to grow on me as I thought in the beginning that Russian Navy sucked as a matte 'cos the shimmer wasn't noticicle...

And das version in matte!!
Totally wearing that for Hallowe'en
Until we blog again,

p.s. I'm nearly finished the 1st part of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep as Terra. Totally awesome. I know: I'm 100% geekified!!


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