Book Review: Nightlight. Really Funny!!

This is a review on a book I read this summer, well the only book I read this summer. A classmate reccomended it so I got it. It is suppose to be a parody of Twilight and it is written by the Harvard Lampoon.

It was really funny. The book made fun of every aspect of the Twilight. Those writers are awesome. Bella's and Edward love is considered as a high school crush in the parody. The names are changed as well, the most noticeable is Edwart Mullen and Belle Goose. Edwart's portrayed as a geek in my opinion. Dr. Mullen, Ed's dad is a plastic surgeon instead of a non-cosmetic doc. and he did Edwart's forehead!! Crazy!!
Belle in this book is obsessed with Edwart and wants him to be a vampire so badly she convinces herself that he is. It is super funny. I recommended it to my friend when we were in Eason but none was in stock or we couldn't find one. It is great if you need a laugh or if you don't like the Twilight Saga and want something to read that makes fun of the book.
My favourite quote is '' 'Uhh,' he(Edwart) said, freeing his arms and brushing the snow from his eyes. 'Hey, get off me, you(Belle) girl! You're going to make me smell like girl things!' '' Classic!!

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