O.P.I Virgin

For a while I have been wondering what is SO great about O.P.I so I went to a nearby salon and got a bottle for 15 big European ones.
And.It.Was.Awesome!!! I can't believe I never bought it before, it is like Heaven...and then some. I got 'Moon Over Mumbai' which is light grey and gorgeous. The formula was not thick so I had to put on 5....
I repeat 5 coats to get the colour in the bottle but I'd rather have 5 thin coats than 1 or 2 super-dee-duper thick coats. It has been 5 days and it hasn't chipped....Oh boy oh boy I'm in love!!! The brush is awesome, it's not as big as Rimmel's Lycra Pro or Pro Lycra,(could never remember) which isn't great for shakey fingers and small nails. And it isn't as small as Barry M's nail paint brush which ain't that great either....
I have a first love and its name is O.P.I....


  1. I only own 2 so far :P and I agree! They are pretty good! :)


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