Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Nail Treatment

Heya everyone. This is a post about something I purchased a while back and at the time I didn't really like it and I suppose you could say I only like a little bit now.
Sally Hansen's Maximum Strength Nail Treatment (I assume it's a nail treatment) was bought about half a year ago. I wanted something that would treat my nails as well as give it a nice sheer colour. Up until then I had been using clear polish and personally I don't like the look of clear polish on me. Here are the steps on the back. It can also be used as a base which is what I prefer to use it as. The actual formula itself works beautifully for me. I have fairly normal nails and this makes them that bit stronger becuase I can be a bit heavy handed. But it is so streaky and patchy when I apply it.  You can see in the pic that it doesn't apply evenly. This is one coat. It's such a shame and even though I could apply a second coat, I shouldn't have to. It works OK as a base coat. Nothing to w…

The Perfect Pair: Playful Glossy Pink Lips

Hi everybody! How is your day going? Today we have the second post of The Perfect Pair. It features two NYX products that I bought recently and that I'm currently loving.
The NYX Butter Gloss in Strawberry Parfait and the Lipliner Pencil in Pale Pink work together to create the most beautifully innocent playful pink lips.
The gloss is more to the cool toned where as the liner is the cool/neutral toned. And together they make the lips look perfectly pink and glossy. They gloss just melts on top of the liner and gives a lovely creme finish and it really brightens up the face. It's youthful and fresh; perfect English Rose look.
Thanks for reading! Have a nice day and leave me your thoughts!
Until we blog again, P

NYX Lipliner Pencil: Pale Pink

Good Morn/Aftie/Evening, I hope you're doing fabulous! I'm really just lazing about today and watching some Walking Dead episodes. So good. Norman Reedus is too beautiful to be in a zombie apocalypse. Today I have a lipliner from NYX.
I was in the store trying to guesstimate what colour would be a good match for my natural lips. I ended up getting two shades: the Pale Pink and the Peekaboo Neutral. The first shade is the one we're talking about today. It doesn't match me but it provides a wonderful natural highlight to my lips; I can place this on the centre of my lips and blend it out for a more fuller looking lip.  It's this lovely pinky beige with almost lilac undertones. It sharpens ever so beautifully with my faithful Essence sharpener (which you should totally buy since it's a clear dupe for the UD Grindhouse). The texture is very workable but not so creamy that I feel it's going to slide off me. It provides a very solid, almost tacky base for a lips…

Velvet Nails ft. Essence Effect Nails Velvet

Hi everyone! Missed you all.
A while back I mentioned that I had bought flocking powder from Essence. Here is kind of an update when I used it for the first time.
It wasn't the best I'll admit but it was a good stab at things. I let one coat of base colour dry and on the second go I sifted the powder onto my nails. I used a fan brush to clean off the excess powder. I do like the look of it and the texture reminds me of fur on short hair cats (oddly specific huh?).
For my first time I thought it was pretty long time going. The sieve in the Essence jar slowed the process. I suppose it was to prevent you making such a big furry mess but it still happened anyways. One mistake I made was not pressing the powder firmly on my nails and that's why you can see bald patches. And the other was not taking the sieve cap off the jar.  I'll definitely try it again, it is a fun look. It only lasts 3 days on me though (until it started to look unpresentable). I like the powder and espe…

NYX Butter Gloss: Strawberry Parfait

You have no idea how excited I am. No idea! I finally found a NYX stand! NYX launched in Ireland this June. (As I was doing my Leaving Cert. How unfair!) and they are not available in City Centre, Dublin. As far as I know you'd have to go to Santry or Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. There isn't even one stand in each county which is ridiculous. But I have no doubts that NYX will roll out in more places due to popularity.
I went to Bradley's Pharmacy in Blanchardstown. I spent about 10 minutes staring at the stand. It was beautiful. I ended up getting 2 Butter Glosses and 2 of their Lipliner pencils. The usual suspects were swiped away: this includes the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, Round Lipstick in Tea Rose, the setting sprays, the primers and certain colours of the Butter Glosses (ahem Tiramisu and Creme Brulee).
It's packaged quite cute; all the other tubes' handles co-ordinate with the shade so that's handy as well. For some reason this shade is the only one …

Belle of the Ball vs. Disturbia

Hello everyone, how are you? Today I have a nail polish comparison that I mentioned a while back. It's taken me longer to get to this since we moved and like an idiot, while the works (that would take up to 3 weeks) were in place I decided to move my nail polishes in. So I've only had clear nail polish to bide me for a while.
Today it is Sally Hansen's Bell of the Ball (BOtB) vs. Wet'n'Wild's Disturbia.
As you can see (if you can see, I need to replace this camera as soon as I get a job), both colours have the same undertones but BOtB has stronger shimmer whereas Disturbia could be mistaken for a creme polish as the shimmer is veined very delicately. The formula for BOtB is thick but not too thick, yet Disturbia is slightly thinner. BOtB, however is almost opaque in one coat. This photo shows two coats for each. The brushes are quite similar, one of those wide brushes that always leaves a mess on my pinkies. However, Disturbia's brush was very badly cut wh…

IsaDora Graffiti Nail Topcoat: All City Brown

Hi, good morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you care. I bought the IsaDora Graffiti Nail Topcoat (gasp, pant,wheeze) when I saw a stand that had 70% off everything. It originally costed €7.95 and I got it for €2.
I chose to put it over Barry M's Matte Nail Paint in Rhossili because I thought the look of matte on matte would look cool. It's a neutral brown crackle polish that could easily be mistaken for black from afar.

The formula is very thin which is why there are more vertical crackles. I'm more partial to the thicker formula which gives more chunky crackles. But I always think it's easier to have thin nail polish that will thicken up over time. The crackles formed very quick (within 5 seconds of it going on dry polish) so you don't worry about denting the polish while waiting for it to dry. That's probably due to the thinner formula.  Something I have noticed is that the longer you have the crackle effect the more it wears. By that I mean the crackles b…